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  • June 13, 2017

The Faces of Change

In an entertainment industry like ours that thrives on rivalry and competition, seeing celebrities from different networks and backgrounds unite together is already a feat in itself. This year, today’s most bankable celebrities break network wars and disregard all rivalries as they all come together for one purpose.

The country’s best fashion magazine, MEGA, leads the revolution. A movement towards a new Philippines by celebrating this generation of young game changers and leaders. A one-of-a-kind generation that has been called a lot of names but never backed down and continued to redefine the rules of innovation and creativity.

Millennials have been labeled as selfish, entitled, and more but they have proved that those are nothing but mere misconceptions. This June 12, we celebrate these young movers and shakers who have given pride to the country with their unique brand of Filipino excellence.

Celebrating with us for this cause are the country’s brightest and biggest stars. Different networks, different backgrounds but all united to march forward together towards the future, in the hopes of building a better nation: #TheNewPH.

Text by Angelu Zafe | Photography by Yukie Sarto, Jerick Sanchez, Miguel Abesamis, and Floyd Jhocson | Art Direction by Macky Arquilla | Sittings Editor Nic Magquilat | Special Thanks to Mega Magazine, Artist Center, Star Magic and Viva Artist Agency

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