Is TonKiss Tandem for Good?

  • December 20, 2017

Kisses Delavin is firm with her decision of pursuing a solo career in showbiz, but her loyal supporters still want to see her share the screen with an onscreen sweetheart. After Kisses’ split up with her former love team partner Marco Gallo, the young actress tried her best to avoid being paired with young actors her age. However, one incident changed it all when Iñigo Pascual invited Kisses and rising actor Tony Labrusca in his online show One Music POPSSSS last November.

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Kisses and Tony got close in the show and gave instant kilig to the viewers. The two haven’t officially met prior the their guesting, but they immediately show effortless chemistry that made everybody’s hearts flutter. In an exclusive interview of ABS-CBN entertainment with Kisses, she said that she finds Tony a nice guys.

TonKiss💕 #tonkiss #KissesDelavin -K

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TonKiss💕 #tonkiss #KissesDelavin -K

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Even though Kisses isn’t wholeheartedly open to have a partner at this point, the fans consider her accidental pairing with Tony a rare and beautiful thing. Their fans are hoping for them to be an official love team and have projects together both on TV and the big screen.

Is there a chance for TonKiss to be paired for good? Tell us your thoughts on the comments below!

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