Tony Labrusca Admits to Being A Kleptomaniac?

  • May 2, 2019

Actor Tony Labrusca is once again the subject of conversations online after he admitted in his recent Tonight With Boy Abunda interview that he used to steal items from stores back when he was still living in Canada. The TWBA interview became controversial after Tony proudly admitted that he used to shoplift food, clothes, bags and more.

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He shared: “Hindi lang sa convenience store. Kung dati kailangan ko ng damit, magnanakaw din ako sa store. Kung kailangan ko ng pagkain… lahat ng feeling kong puwede kong nakawin, ninanakaw ko. I don’t want to encourage you guys to do this because it’s wrong.”

He even revealed that he once stole a bag and then went back to the store because he realized it wasn’t the color he liked. So what he did was stole two instead. “Pinakamalala may some time gusto ko ng bagong bag, so pumunta ako sa isang store, kinuha ko yung bag. Paglabas ko ng store sabi ko, ‘shocks hindi ito yung kulay na gusto ko, parang mas gusto ko yung green,’” he said. “Bumalik ako sa store, kinuha ko yung green, pinasok ko sa purse na ninakaw ko, lumabas nalang ako sobrang saya ko.”

At the end of his revelations, Tony clarified that he has changed and he doesn’t shoplift anymore. “Hindi na po ako nagnanakaw, guys” says Tony while laughing. “Hindi na po ako kleptomaniac.”

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