Tony Labrusca Gets Punched By Mall Security Guard

  • December 11, 2018

Being a celebrity often comes with many repercussions and often those include having to give up personal space during fan-filled events like mall shows. Such is the case for Tony Labrusca who accidentally got punched by a mall security guard when things got a little crazy during his appearance at Victory Mall in Tanauan, Batangas.

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In a now viral video posted by a fan named Patricia Ramilo, netizens witnessed how Tony Labrusca got hit in the face by a mall security guard while trying to escape the chaos that was starting in the mall. Patricia captioned the video with, “Kawawa naman si Tony Labrusca. He went down during his visit in Victory Mall Tanauan, Batangas. Hope he’s fine after all.”

Netizens were quick to lay blame on the guard for punching the Glorious actor on purpose in the comments section but Tony responded to these accusations and cleared the security guard of fault right away in a Tweet that said, “Hey guys, I noticed a lot of you are worried about me getting punched in the face in my last mall show. I’m totally okay 🙂 I know the guard didn’t mean it. Thanks to everyone for being so thoughtful!”

We’re glad to see Tony defend the mall security guard right away as he was clearly just doing his job. It just goes to show that we all have to watch how rowdy we get when we see our celebrity idols!

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