Tony Labrusca Shows “Diva” Behavior Towards Immigration Officers

  • January 4, 2019

Actor Tony Labrusca is the talk of the online community right now after an immigration officer revealed on a Facebook post that the actor allegedly shouted and cursed at the officers after he was informed that he can only stay in the country for 30 days.

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On the said Facebook post, the Immigration officer revealed why Tony was only allowed to stay here for 30 days. “You don’t have a Philippine passport, not even born in the Philippines, and not travelling with Filipino parents, but you want the same treatment as the other former Filipinos.”

Moreover, Tony allegedly lost his temper and shouted and cursed at the netizen’s supervisor.

“You even shouted and cursed at my supervisor, bragging that you’re a celebrity. Ang galing mo talaga umeksena, hindi ka na nahiya sa ibang tao. Sigaw ka nang sigaw sa harap ng officers,”

The netizen also said that Tony kept on bragging about being a celebrity and that he needs longer time for work commitments, when he doesn’t even own a working visa and is only a tourist here in the Philippines. “The funny thing is, you were so proud to brag that you work here when you’re only supposed to be a tourist here in the Philippines. For your info, Balikbayan visa is not a working visa,”

Turns out, Tony is working here in the Philippines without a proper visa.

Another netizen who seemed to have witnessed the whole scene commented on the said Facebook post. He called Tony an “arrogant US citizen” and revealed that he said: “Can you fucking understand my situation? People are asking, taking pictures with me, and you’re giving me a hard time!”

After the post went viral, Tony Labrusca’s father went on to apologize to the Immigration officer.


In a now deleted tweet, Tony tweeted about the said incident: “Just landed in Manila and the Philippine immigration only gave me 30 days here . LOL. k”

As of writing, Tony has since then issued a public apology that he posted on his Twitter account.


Tony’s good friend, Alex Diaz also gave clarity to as to what really transpired at the immigration area of NAIA by posting a thread on his Twitter account. Here, Alex called out the alleged unprofessional behavior of some of the immigration officers that Tony had to deal with during that day.

At the end of his thread, Alex called for netizens to get to know the sides of both camps before crucifying someone on social media.

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