Tony Labrusca Shares He Has No Plans Of Courting Kisses Delavin

  • July 31, 2018

Ever since Tony Labrusca and Kisses Delavin shared sweet moments on stage during the latter’s first album launch last year, fans of both celebrities could not stop shipping the two to become a legitimate love team. Fans would have to wait for that to happen though because in a recent interview with ABS-CBN, Tony admitted that as of the present moment, he has no plans of courting the young actress.

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Although Tony and Kisses are not a legitimate love team yet and both have no projects yet together, fans have created the hashtag and love team name #KissTon for them even if both have been vocal about being just friends.

Ate @kissesdelavin and kuya @tony.labrusca 😍😍 #kisston 😍

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“She is really a hard working young woman. And she always [thinks] that she’s not talented but I really believe that she is talented because she puts so much effort in to everything that she does,” Tony shares of Kisses, “I’m really happy and my family and her family are so close. Every time na makakatrabaho ko si Kisses, alam ko na magiging masaya.


Im so inlove with this two.. #kisston @kissesdelavin

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When asked if he plans to take the relationship that he shares with Kisses to the next level, Tony says, “Siguro, for now, no! Kasi I really don’t think Kisses needs that in her life. Tsaka she’s a very, very smart girl, she knows her priorities so I don’t think she’ll have time for that to be honest. And honestly, everybody knows naman na me and Kisses are just working together, so I’d rather cherish that.”

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The two remain to have a strong fan base despite not being legitimized as a love team on-scree or off-screen yet.

Could it happen soon for these two?

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