Top 5 Most Intriguing Questions Bimby Asked Kris Aquino in Unscripted Interview

  • May 3, 2018

The Philippine Queen of All Media, Kris Aquino, recently just uploaded a new video featuring her son, Bimby.

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Usually the interviewer, this time, Kris Aquino finds herself in the hot seat as her son is the one who asks her questions. Here are our top 5 most intriguing exchanges between the mother and son:

  1. Bimby: Who was your first love?

    Kris: First love?

    Bimby: A..a…a…al?

    Kris: Bimb wag na ‘yon.

    Bimby: Al!

    Kris: Bimb, nanahimik. Happily married. Let’s keep it that way.

  2. Bimby: Would you want to have another relationship in the future?

    Kris: Yes, of course.

    Bimby: Why?

    Kris: Only if he is Bimby approved.

  3.  Bimby: Mama, do you think that you will ever be betrayed again?

     Kris: Bimb naman, quota na si mama. I think we have been betrayed too many times, dude.

  4. Bimby: Will you love someone in the future?

    Kris: Are you letting me?

    Bimby: Okay.

    Kris: Then I will.

Right before the video ends, Kris switches the roles and becomes the interviewer. She proceeds to ask Bimby a question and the answer that she got stunned her:

Kris: How come when I get affected by bashers and I get affected by the negativity, why are you able to tell me, “Mama, why do you care?”

Bimby: Yeah. Because I don’t care.

Kris: Where does that come from?

Bimby: Me, myself and I.

Kris: Because?

Bimby: Because “you know who” manipulated me and was the most effective basher. I channelled all of it out on him. So I don’t really care anymore about those others because I know they can’t hurt me as much as he hurt me. 

While Bimby’s “you know who” was never named, netizens were quick to assume that he was portraying to his father, James Yap.

Watch the full video here:

What do you think of the exchange between Kris and Bimby?

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