Vice Ganda Exposed Harry Roque’s True Self on GGV

  • October 17, 2018

Yet again, Vice Ganda does another flawless stint at revealing the true selves of his guests in his Sunday night regular show, Gandang Gabi Vice. Last Sunday, Vice Ganda had Presidential spox Harry Roque in the show.

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For the past year, Harry Roque has been supporting the President in all of his words, actions, and decisions. Most of all, Harry Roque is always present every after every controversial speech or action the President makes. During his guesting in GGV, Vice asked Harry if there are actions that the President did that he finds inappropriate.

Meron naman, syempre. Unang una ‘yong kissing (in Korea). Naku mamamatay ako no’n!” Vice asked him how he interpreted the situation. Harry said, “That’s his way of showing his love to all the OFWs worldwide!”

From his answer, Vice Ganda asked him a hypothetical question that revealed his true identity as a government official. “If you thought that that was his way of showing his love, how come you thought and felt that it was inappropriate?…Kung sa palagay niyo po ay mali, bakit ipinagtanggol niyo (ang Presidente) ng panahong iyon?” Mr. Spokesperson quickly answered “Eh trabaho ko ‘yon eh.”

For the second time, Vice Ganda exposed how bad the Presidential Spox’s language is. Vice asked him how does he feel knowing that a lot of Filipinos are annoyed at him. Harry said “Iniisip ko talaga, mamatay sila sa bwisit lahat!” Vice Ganda pointed out his ill-wishes and said, “Bakit naman gusto niyong mamatay ang mga Pilipinong bwisit sa inyo? Why don’t just pray for them instead of wishing ill?”

The day after, Harry Roque resigned as Presidential Spokesperson. Today, Harry Roque filed his candidacy for the Senatorial elections in 2019.

Harry Roque just showed how much his job affected his whole identity as a person. Before his position as Presidential Spox, he is known as a human rights lawyer for controversial people like slain transgender woman Jennifer Laude, and he represented the victims of the Ampatuan Massacre. But now, Roque supports Duterte and his ill jokes about rape and extrajudicial killings.

Watch his interview in GGV below:

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