Vivoree Esclito Describes Hashtag CK As “Maalaga”

  • October 30, 2018

PBB alum Vivoree Esclito has been turning heads and catching lots of people’s attention lately. She really is looking to become the next rising star of her generation, and we don’t have to wonder why. With her unconventional beauty, powerful charm, and strong chemistry with love team partner Hashtag member Charles Kieron, it’s easy to see why Vivoree’s fame is skyrocketing into greater heights.

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When asked how she established good working relationship with CK, Vivoree answered that their similarities contribute a lot to their healthy friendship.

“Since parang almost palagi na kaming nagkaka-work, nagkikitaan, and then of course importante ‘yung you have to work on your friendship kasi magka-work kayo. May similarities din naman kami like mahilig kami sa K-Pop. Tapos kinukulit na din niya ako tapos ako parang sinusungitan ko rin siya minsan. Pero I think it’s okay, naintindihan naman niya. Nasabi ko naman na sa kaniya na dapat masanay na siya.”

However, Vivoree clarified that they’re still in the process of getting to know each other.  “Still getting to know kasi magka-work kami mga few months pa lang. We’re still working on our friendship, I mean it’s building up,”

When asked how she can describe CK, Vivoree calls the young actor “maalaga”. She further explained: “It’s nice kasi ‘yung iba kasi parang, ‘Ah, bahala ka diyan. Sige, mauna na ako baka ma-late pa ako.’ And then he’s really caring and sweet somehow as a friend. As a co-star, I think si K is still learning in acting and as a workmate, I think he’s doing fine and he’s really doing his best naman talaga to get there.”

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