What’s The Reason Behind Diego Loyzaga’s Social Media Outburst?

  • February 8, 2017

Young actor Diego Loyzaga surprised everyone with his angry posts towards his biological father Cesar Montano on social media last Tuesday, February 06. Diego appears to be really angry to Cesar based on the messages that he fearlessly publicized on his personal Instagram account.

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The series of hate messages garnered different reactions from the netizens. Some were sympathetic toward Diego, while others are expressing otherwise. Diego have yet to speak about the real reason behind his outburst on social media that made some of his followers hate on Cesar. He eventually deleted the said posts and uploaded a new batch of photos with his mother Teresa Loyzaga.

Diego LoyzagaThe best parent in the world. @teresaloyzaga i love you more than you know Ma

Diego LoyzagaI couldnt have asked for a better family. @intheforceitrust@teresaloyzagaDiego LoyzagaI love you ma. Youve always been here to support us @intheforceitrustwe’re so lucky to have you. You’re an angel. A blessing to us.

As of press time, it’s still unclear why Diego suddenly made such alarming statements about his father.

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