Which Among These Throwback Photos of Nadine Lustre Is the Cutest?

  • February 8, 2017

It’s always fun to look at the photos of our favorite stars, most especially the ones that we have never seen before. Best examples are Nadine Lustre’s childhood photos posted by her lovely aunt Nona Clemente on Twitter last Wednesday, February 8.

Nadine’s throwback photos show that the young actress had a fun childhood with her family. You can even see in the photos that she loves to dress up and pose for the camera ever since she was a little girl! Which among  these photos is the most adorable?5 TB“Love these kids.”4 TB“My clingy flowergirl. She sat with me at the couple’s table the whole night and tagged along wherever I went.”6 TB“She’s a doll ever since.”7 TB“Ate Nadz and our little scientist Jakey.”2 TB“Bangsies”3 TB“Always bubbly”1 TB“Bangsie with Bangsie. Ate Nadz and Rheine.”

(Photos by Nona Clemente)