Which MMFF Entry Are You Most Excited To Watch?

  • December 7, 2018

It’s that time again where families and movie lovers flock the cinemas to catch this year’s Metro Manila Film Festival (MMFF). In this year’s lineup of entries, many Filipinos will surely have a memorable holiday break.

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Take a look at this year’s wide-range of movie genres that you’ll witness in the upcoming MMFF.  Make sure to save up and block off some days on your calendar to see all of these astounding Filipino masterpieces!


This comedy-fantasy film revolves on the family of the character of Vice Ganda. They are aiming to revive their bankrupt carnival park business to protect it from the character of Dingdong Dantes. Also starring in the film are love teams LoiNie, DonKiss, and MayWard.

Rainbow’s Sunset

The drama film revolves around a family facing an issue regarding their father who came out as a gay man in his senior years and opened up about his secret romantic relationship.


The action-comedy film centers in the lives of 3 characters: Jack (Coco Martin), Popoy (Vic Sotto), and his daughter Em (Maine Mendoza). Find out how they take steps for their every mission as police officers.

Born Beautiful

‘Born Beautiful’ is the sequel of the comedy 2017 MMFF entry film ‘Die Beautiful’. The film focuses on the character of Trisha’s best friend ‘Barbs’ (Martin Del Rosario ), a make-up artist in a funeral parlor where Trisha (Paolo Ballesteros) had her wake. The film will also show how Barbs copes up with the struggles that comes with being gay.

Mary, Marry Me

Mary, Marry Me is a romantic-comedy film about two sisters named Mary played by real-life sisters, Toni Gonzaga and Alex Gonzaga. These two “Mary” will fight for the character of Sam Milby.

The Girl in the Orange Dress

The story started when ‘Anna’ (Jessy Mendiola) finds herself in bed with the famous actor ‘ Rye’ (Jericho Rosales). Her life changes when their picture together goes viral, and how people will do everything to find a way to reveal Anna’s true identity.

One Great Love

This romantic drama film revolves around the story of ‘Zyra’ (Kim Chiu), who is trying to fix her relationship with her ex-boyfriend ‘Carl’ (JC De Vera). But doubts and fears invade her mind the moment she meets Ian (Dennis Trillo) who becomes her most trusted friend.


The horror-thriller film focuses in the life of a woman named ‘Leana’ (Anne Curtis) who is living peacefully in her hometown. Everything changed when a ship named ‘Aurora’ was wrecked near their vicinity.


The horror film begins in a dare made by a group of friends: to stay inside a haunted house. Here, these friends will encounter ghosts and other supernatural beings, who will transform their lives in a nerve-racking and unexpected fearful way.

Which MMFF Entry Are You Most Excited To Watch?

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