Who among these stars will most likely do daring roles?

  • February 10, 2016

These gorgeous celebrities are known for their outstanding acting skills. We always see them in TV series, movies, and advertisements. All of them have established their own unique image. We cannot deny that each star has a common denominator — they all project a “sweet” image.

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These young ladies in showbiz are all beautiful and has an angelic face, and most of them have done, and still doing projects within their comfort zone — which makes the fans ask for more. It seems like people haven’t seen them do something beyond their usual roles as leading ladies — but it doesn’t make them less amazing! It’s just that the fans want to see them do something that will surely challenge their skills.

When celebrities start doing ‘daring roles,’ it simply means that they are exploring and challenging themselves. The word ‘daring’ doesn’t particularly connote a sexy meaning. Doing daring roles is doing something beyond ordinary.

The question is, who do you think among these talented young stars will most likely do daring roles soon?

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  • Nadine because she’s versatile. She can do comedy, drama, horror, action, romance. She was even voted by the people to be the next Darna! She’s capable of so much. She improved immensely and she’ll continue to improve. Her current role, Leah, has affected the audience so much because she has portrayed her so well. People are crying, getting furious, getting scared of watching the next episode because they don’t want to get hurt, in almost every episode of the countdown to the finale of On the Wings of Love. That just goes to show that Nadine has acted well enough for people to react this way. Many teleseryes have more extreme events happening in their series yet even with these crazy scenes people aren’t crying their hearts out. Just a simple break up in OTWOL has caused many to have their own heart break because they feel so much for the characters. Nadine has gotten people to love and dislike her character Leah and I believe it takes a lot of talent to be able to get your own fans to act this way.