Who Are The Celebs That Will Be Lucky This Year of The Pig?

  • February 8, 2019

It’s always fun to read about forecasts and predictions especially when it’s the beginning of the new year. Now that we have officially entered the year of the pig, let’s check what’s in store for our favorite celebrities and the Chinese zodiac they belong to.

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Year of the Rat

“Your social activities will increase. You will enjoy the friend’s hangout or business entertainment time during the cycle of Pig. You can take the opportunity to build the social networking. That will help your career development.”

Year of the Pig 

“You are focusing in exchanging and discussing new ideas with your partner. You enjoy the current working environment. Therefore, your career opportunity is okay. But you won’t have too much career changes in the near future. You need to carefully invest your money. You can ask people born in year of Horse to help your money management.”

Year of the Dog

“If you are single, then you have good opportunities to meet your ideal companion. Therefore, you can attend more social activities, your true love might be there waiting for you. You have better chances to meet sincere friends at the outdoor events under the sun,”

Year of the Monkey

“You’d better keep a low profile with modest behavior and humble attitude. Financial investment should be conservative and prudent. Constantly learn lucrative skills and wait for next best opportunity.”

Year of the Sheep

“You have unlimited moneymaking opportunities. Career opportunity usually comes with or after good income. Don’t be too greedy for money, otherwise, lawsuit might come.”

Year of the Horse


“Pig brings you good people and love relationship. Diligently hardworking can ride on the crest of success. You will have a prosperous year.”

Year of the Snake

“When Snake meets Pig, something might not go in your way. You need to use your wisdom to find the solution or ask help from people born in Horse year.”

Year of the Rabbit

“Pig brings you a leisure lifestyle. To see great achievement, you need independence, self-improvement, self-confidence and your own network relationship.”

Year of the Tiger

Pig brings you lots of caring and love. Pig’s presence delays your work schedule. Enjoying sunshine can bring you positive energy and good fortune.”

Year of the Ox

“With vigorous, energetic and earnest spirit, your productivity will increase, your profit will increase and your achievement will be praised.”

Year of the Rooster

“Pig tramples on the harvested fruits. To take care of business needs to make a quick decision. Doubt, uncertainty, sluggishness and slow response will cause money loss.”

Year of the Dragon

“Moneymaking opportunities keep coming. You need to carefully invest your money. Don’t do risky investment; avoid money dispute and infamous reputation.”

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