Why Did Janella Salvador Go Solo at ABS-CBN Ball?

  • October 1, 2018

Many were surprised when Janella Salvador walked the red carpet of ABS-CBN Ball alone. As one of the most popular love teams of the industry, majority were expecting Janella to walk with love team partner Elmo Magalona. And while Janella looked perfectly fine alone, we can’t help but wonder why Elmo was no-show.

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Why Did Janella Salvador Go Solo at ABS-CBN Ball?

It can be remembered that Elmo was recently under hot waters after getting accused of physically hurting Janella. The actress and her mother, Jenine Desiderio, recently reconciled after a year-long conflict. Just days after the reconciliation, Jenine posted on her Twitter about Elmo hurting her daughter.

She tweeted to a fan: “We’ve been quiet kahit anak ko na tinulak palabas ng van at nahulog sa kalye. Pero para baligtarin pa kami, ibang usapan na yan,

Janella also posted about physical assault before her mother did. She tweeted: “I think everyone deserves someone who does not hurt them regardless if they’re drunk or not. Men who are raised properly are never supposed to hurt women no matter what,”

Meanwhile, Elmo hasn’t tweeted or posted on Instagram since September 22.

Because of this ABS-CBN Ball absence, majority of their fans are asking for them to clear out the issue and confirm if ElNella is over or not.

Here are some tweets addressing the ElNella rift issue:

Janella also posted a meaningful tweet, seemingly saying that she can manage alone. She tweeted: “This crazy asian can manage,”

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  • Check the IP address of SHANNON SILVA and Gina Diaz, parang iisa lang. Siya yung Jul a something sa Twitter that always nags Janella. Same writing style din. Here you have an example of a rotten brain of a fantard who will defend her idol and push her love team even when it’s obvious that Janella got hurt. Mahiya ka naman, babae ka pa naman. Paanong self inflicted wound yun, sa likod nga ng braso? She spoke up dun sa Walwal because ELNELLA Fans were bashing her for not attending because Elmo put her on the spot. Ano ginawa ng precious Elmo niyo nun? Instead of acting like any decent boyfriend he stayed mute. Janella suffered enough. Let her start a new life. Bash kayo ng bash sa kanya però at the same time, you also convince her to go back to him. Insanity.

  • IF you were to look at it closely & analyze, Hindi lahat ng sinasabi ng isang “Victim” ay totoo, malay natin gusto lang nyang ma sensationalize sya kasi lately wala syang projects dahil na rin sa kampo nya ~ She just wants Publicity haven’t you noticed guys, the first time She did it is at the Premiere Night of Walwal now before the prestigious ABSCBN Ball. And just look at her “bruise daw” it seems like a self-inflicted bruise, coz’ there are people used to being pampered & all expects everyone to follow to. their every whim at the expense of others. Mind you, You don’t Her Real Character ~ JMDS.

  • SANA Kung gaano ka kaganda ganoon din ang Trato mo sa mga Taong kumupkop at nagmahal sa iyo noong itapon ka ng Mom mo. U said U got hurt, Are U d only one who got hurt ? (Did U truly got hurt?) YOU Hurt d Only Person Who Took D Risk in Loving U Truthfully ~》You hurt him Heart, Body & Soul, if you are referring to Him. SANA lang magbago ka na sa klase ng ugali at katauhan meron ka, IF THEY ONLY KNEW THE REAL ~ JANELLA SALVADOR.