Ylona Garcia Dreams of Working With JaDine Again

  • November 13, 2017

Which prime love teams would Ylona Garcia also want to work with? She cites JaDine again, whom she and Bailey May worked with in On the Wings of Love.

“I’d love to work with them again, they’re super nice” she says. “I find it really funny but people seem to get the idea that they’re too sosyal but they’re actually super nice and normal people!” Ylona says she has also always loved KimErald and would love to work with them.

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A post shared by Ylona Garcia (@ylonagarcia) on

A post shared by Ylona Garcia (@ylonagarcia) on

How about when it comes to her dream leading men? Ylona says she doesn’t really have anyone specific in mind though she does admire some talents from Hollywood like Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things and It. “I guess Cole Sprouse counts, I’ve watched him ever since I was young!” she adds. “Of course, Bailey! I’ve worked with him for two years, I’m still pretty cool with that,” she says. “I’ve always loved Sam Milby!” she says with kilig. “But me and Sam, we’re really good friends.”

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