Ylona Garcia Opens Up On Twitter About Being “broken inside”

  • December 21, 2018

It seems like actress singer Ylona Garcia isn’t in a great place right now as she expressed her emotions of being “broken” and “not being good enough” on her Twitter account. According to her, she currently feels like whatever she does, she lets everyone down and she will never be good enough.

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She tweeted: “it’s like everything i do isn’t enough or too much….sorry for letting you down,” Before this, she also sent a tweet that said: “Do y’all ever just run as fast as you can to the bathroom to lock yourself in and just cry your eyes out because of how much crap life throws at you to bring you down which should make you stronger no matter how broken on the inside you are ????”

Ylona Garcia

It can be remembered that back in June, Ylona was hospitalized because of her mental health. She shared on social media: “Woke up this morning scrolling through social media to see such distasteful and unnecessary words being shared. I have to be honest, it really stressed me out and I spent hours trying to find ways to make sure everyone would be happy and okay, to the fact where I forgot to take care of myself. To the point where I ended up in the hospital.”

What do you think is wrong? We really hope Ylona feels better real soon!

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  • please take this down, the “unnamed” girl already said sorry and wants to take time to heal, everything is okay.